CBRC Grants

External Grants

Motz, G., Johnson, C.C., Polly, P.D.  NSF 8/1/17 - 7/30/19; $149,387. Digitization PEN: Paleoniches on the western Cincinnati arch, the Ordovician of Indiana.

Motz, G., Polly, P.D., and Johnson, C.C.  IMLS – Institute of Museum and Library Services MA-30-16-0458-16; 10/1/16 - 9/30/18, one-year no-cost extension to 9/30/19, $112,505.  ACCESSioning at Indiana University: Promoting Digital Access and (Re-) Discovery of the IU Paleontology Collection.

Schieber, L., Johnson, C.C., Polly, P.D., and Elswick, E.R.  NSF EAR 9/1/09-8/31/13, $475,302. Infrastructure upgrade, curation and data basing of Indiana University collections.

Kort, A.E. Charles A. and June R.P. Ross Research Grant. Geological Society of America. 2022. Enigmatic evolution of lumbar vertebrae and diversification of locomotion in mammals.

Kort, A. E. Paleontological Society Student Research Grant. 2022. Evolution of lumbar vertebrae in Paleogene mammals.

LaBarge, T.W. Paleontological Society Student Research Grant. 2022. Application of stable nitrogen isotopes as proxy for trophic relationships of East African Pleistocene megafauna.

McHenry, L.J. (PI), Njau, J.K. (co-PI), Hynek, B (co-PI). African Rift fluvio-lacustrine analog for Jezero crater, Mars. NASA, Solar System Workings.2022-25. IU subaward ($71,962).

Njau, J.K. (PI). Eastern Africa Association of Paleoanthropology & Paleontology (EAAPP). Wenner- Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. Conference Grant, 2022. ($20,000).

Peltier, D.M. The Leakey Foundation Research Grant. 2022. The drivers of faunal community dynamics and its implications on hominin occupation during Bed II times, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

Stone, A.C. (PI), Polly, P.D. (co-PI), Winingear, S., and Outerbridge, M. Sequencing the genome of Poecilozonites bermudensis, the Bermudian land snail. Dovetail Genomics “Tree of Life” award. 2020-2022. ($35,000).

Gomez-Robles, A. (PI), and Polly, P.D. (co-PI). Species or local variant? Using modelling to test hypotheses of speciation in human evolution. Leverhulme Trust.

Guiry, E.J. (PI), Royle, T.C.A. (Co-PI), and Kennedy J.R. (Co-PI). Save Our Seas Foundation. Towards an archaeology of sharks: building millennial-scale records of shark ecology in Monterey Bay. $9,987.50.

Johnson, C.C. (Co-PD/PI), Zimmerman, A. (PD/PI), Ocean Protector: A game-based curriculum to teach the impacts of ocean acidification and positive actions to help. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award N079081, $40,000.00.

Kennedy, J.R. (Team Members: Miller-Camp, J. and Floyd, J.). National Endowment for the Humanities Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, program run by Alexandria Archive Institute and Open Context. Networking Archaeological Data and Communities.

Johnson, C.C., Motz, G., Polly, P.D., Zimmerman, A., and Beeker, C.D. GEO OSE Track 1: Promoting an Accessible Ecosystem of Digitized Natural History Data.  NSF Submitted 3/16/23, $400,000. 

Fulghum, H.Z. National Science Foundation – Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Life Sciences. Living Fast and Dying Young: Is the Bone Structure of Small Mammals Driven by Mechanical Demands? $138,000.

Guiry, E.J. (PI) and Kennedy, J.R. (Co-PI). Chelonian Research Foundation. Building millennial-scale records of turtle ecology in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. $4,750.

LaBarge, T.W. International Association of GeoChemistry PhD Student Research Grants. 2022. Characterizing the Evolution of the Serengeti Ecosystem with Stable Isotopes.

LaBarge, T.W. Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant. 2023. The Isotopic Ecology of a Serengeti Insectivore and Applications to Hominin Paleoecology.

Internal Grants

Fulghum, H.Z. Grant in Aid, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington. 2022. $475.

Fulghum, H.Z. Fall Travel Award. College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington. 2022. $200.

Hawley, K. Tinker Field Research Grant. 2022. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Indiana University Bloomington.

Hawley, K. Skomp Feasibility Fellowship. 2022. Department of Anthropology, Indiana University Bloomington.

Kort, A.E. McCormick Science Grant. 2022. College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington.

LaBarge, T.W. Galloway/Perry/Horowitz Fellowship Grant-in-Aid. 2022. IU Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Peltier, D.M. William D. Thornbury Research Grant-in-Aid 2022 Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Indiana

Salcido, C.J. Grant in Aid - Norman R. King Graduate Field Research Fellowship, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington. 2022

Kennedy, J.R. (PI), Sauer, P. (Co-PI), and Guiry, E.J. (Co-PI). IU Social Sciences Research Funding Program. Developing New Archaeological Approaches to Human-Turtle Relationships. $35,000.

Miller-Camp, J., IU DEAS John Barrett Patton Award. Comparing Floral Biodiversity Profiles of a new Stanley Cemetary and Mazon Creek Collection in IUPC. $1500.

Kennedy, J.R. IU IAS Collaborative Research Award. Advancing collaborative research in IU’s William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory. $12,124.